Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cabinet for Champ and Build for Carmen Ghia

Long time since I last posted. I finally decided to put the Champ 5E1 in a head cabinet. I cut the 1"x10" boards with the intent to rabbet the joints, but I learned I cut them too short for that. Butt joint it is then. I hope to put a 3/8" routed edge on before adding a faceplate and finish.

Since I built the Champ using an old Soviet ammo can for a chassis, there were no flanges for mounting the chassis to anything. I had to cut flanges from joist/deck hardware, then notch the bottom lip of the chassis so it sits flush, before riveting the flanges on.

After ordering parts from TUBESANDMORE, I began modifying the Hammond chassis. I've mounted input and output jacks, Alpha pots, 110vac neon pilot light, switch, fuse holder, wire bridges (I think that is what they are called.) and power cord. The CG schematic is below.
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