Saturday, April 11, 2009

Console #4: RCA HG-765L

This unit was likely made in the mid to late '60s. Paula is overjoyed that yet another old console will sit in the garage while I strip it. This is another Craigslist freebie. What I am likely to do with this is pull the TV chassis out, along with some other very small pieces, and dump the rest. Though the TV chassis is tube, the audio component is solid state. This is the same configuration that I found in the Magnavox that I got at the very beginning of this project. Yes the Pavarotti LPs came with it. THANK YOU BRIAN FOR YOUR HELP GETTING HOME!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inside the Variac

I haven't touched the amp project in nearly a year. I have acquired additional test equipment though, to include a an a capacitance decade box, capacitance analyzer, a bridging transformer for impedence mathing in audio inputs, an RF Signal Generator, a DC ampmeter, and an older multimeter. But of course the hard part has been finding time to put this stuff to good use. I did pull out the Variac that I bought last year, with the goal of getting it into action. I will need it to safely test amps and individual components like transformers. For starters I cut the wires off, and removed the cover. I have obtained enough technical information about this that I hope to get it wired for 120vac-to-120vac use soon. But not without a call my pop first. Please click on the photos here to see enlarged versions.