Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vibro Champ Clone

I've decided to postpone the Frankenstein amp (Conn 6020) and pursue a Vibro Champ (AA764) clone. Like the Frankenamp I have all of the parts that I need, but I believe the Vibro champ will be easier. With the other projects I have going I think it is a better fit. I have two solid state amps that will get attention soon. I will say this for the benefit of those who wanted to know how I was going to convert the Conn 6020, I am looking at the Ampeg Portoflex SB12 as a basis. As far as the Vibro Champ, I have one thing to resolve: the power supply. I have been rendering some old Knight Kits and one old Conar kit for parts. I hope to use a pre-Stancor Chicago Standard transformer and a 6X4 rectifier taken from a Knight-Kit O-scope.

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